Tribes 2 with TribesNext

1. Installation
2. Helpful Links
3. Troubleshooting
4. Disclaimer

1. Installation

1.1 Simple Version

  1. Double-click tribes2_gsi.exe and follow the on-screen instructions to install the game.
  2. When that's finished, double-click the TribesNext patch (TribesNext_rc2a.exe) and install it to your Tribes 2 directory.
  3. You are done and can now launch the game. Find the Tribes 2 Online shortcut in your Start Menu, or in your Tribes 2 directory.
  4. Create an account by following the on-screen instructions. You will be logged in when you are finished.
  5. You are ready to play. Click the TRAINING tab to check out the single-player missions, or click GAME at the bottom, then JOIN at the top to find the list of servers that you can play on.

1.2 In-Depth Version

  1. Open up the CD in Windows Explorer (Find your CD drive under "Computer", right-click it, and select Open).
  2. Double-click tribes2_gsi.exe
  3. Accept the agreement.
  4. Skip the part where it asks you to enter your email.
  5. You may see it copying some files; this is normal.
  6. Click Next until you reach the screen with the Destination Folder. You can change it if you want. Click Next.
  7. The next screen designates where the Start Menu shortcuts will go. Change it if you really want to. Click Next.
  8. Click Next to begin the installation.
  9. On the next screen, do not check the box for Register Tribes 2. Registering the game is not longer supported. Click Next.
  10. If you have installed/played any game that came out after year 2001, or if you have Windows XP or a newer version of Windows, you will not need to install DirectX 8a, so do not check in the box. Click Next.
  11. Do not check in the box to Launch Tribes 2 yet. Viewing the readme is also unnecessary, so don't check it in either. Click Finish.
  12. Double-click TribesNext_rc2a.exe
  13. Agree to the license agreement.
  14. The folder location given in the box should be your Tribes 2 GameData directory, so you shouldn't have to change anything. If it isn't, then browse for the folder where you installed Tribes 2. The patch won't allow itself to be installed to the wrong folder, so don't worry about that. Click Apply Patch.
  15. The patch will install. When it says it's completed, click Close.
  16. Launch the game by clicking on the Tribes 2 Online shortcut in your Start Menu. The shortcut can also be found where in the directory where you installed the game.
  17. Once you reach the login prompt, click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.
  18. If the account server is online, click NEXT STEP. If it says it is offline or unreachable, the problem might be on your end. Consult the FAQ.
  19. Follow the instructions on screen. The Key Strength isn't an important choice. RSA-512 is fine, but if you are paranoid about someone cracking your account (not going to happen), you can increase it.
  20. When you click GENERATE KEY, wait for your key to finish generating. Then click NEXT STEP.
  21. Choose your username and password. This is the username that other players will see as your name when you play in servers. Do not forget your password; there is no way to recover it, ever. If there is no problem, click FINISH.
  22. The tabs at the bottom are your main navigation.
  23. To join a server, go to the GAME tab, and then click the JOIN tab at the top.

1.3 Extras

Here are some additional optional steps to enhance your experience:

2. Helpful Links

3. Troubleshooting

3.1 Frequently Asked Questions

For the official TribesNext FAQ, look here. To possibly save you some time, the most common problem and solution is given below:

No servers are showing up on the server list / Account server is unreachable

3.2 TribesNext Status

To see if the account server or master server list is online, look here. If the service you are having trouble with is listed as Online, then the problem is on your end.

If the auth/account server is offline, you will not be able to create a new account or retreive account credentials, but you can still log in to accounts that you have already created and downloaded the credentials for.

If the master server list is offline, you won't be able to query the list of all game servers, but you can still join any game server if you manually enter its IP address. To manually enter an IP, press the "insert" key at the server list screen. Also, if you add a server to your "favorites" list, you will always be able to query it even if the master server list is down, so be sure to make use of the "favorites" feature to keep track of your favorite servers. To mark a server as a favorite, click on the "Favorites" column next to the name of the server in the server list, and a green target should appear indicating that you have successfully marked the server.

3.3 Processor Affinity

Tribes 2 was designed for single-core CPUs and GPUs, so if you have a multi-core processor or a multi-core video card, you may need to disable one of them for Tribes 2. Not doing so will sometimes result in "laggy", "jittery" or otherwise poor performance, even though your computer is more than capable of running the game. See this thread for instructions on how to disable a CPU core. If that thread is unreachable, here is one solution that should work for now:
  1. Start up Tribes 2.
  2. Open your Windows Task Manager (Alt-Ctrl-Del).
  3. Find Tribes 2 on the list. If you are on the Applications tab, right-click Tribes 2 and select Go To Process.
  4. On the Processes tab, right-click Tribes2.exe and select Set Affinity.
  5. In the popup, uncheck all boxes except for one CPU (doesn't matter which one).
  6. Click Ok, close the Task Manager, and continue playing Tribes 2.
  7. You might have to do this every single time you start Tribes 2. For a more permanent solution, check the link given above this list.

4. Disclaimer

TribesNext is completely legal. Tribes 2 was released free for the public to download back in 2004, so there are no legal concerns what-so-ever with you playing it for free.
The writer/distributor of this README is in no way affiliated with the TribesNext development team or GarageGames (the owners of the Tribes franchise intellectual property).
This README was intended to be distributed on a CD with all necessary files included, so if you are reading this over the internet, you'll need to download all of the files that it references. All files can be found on either or